This illustration was created for a new client of mine, Kristy C. She commissioned me on peopleperhour to create this illustration as a baby gift for a family member of hers.
Each piece of the illustration represents a member of the family that has passed away previously. 
The brown pitbull: my sister and brother-in-law had a brown pitbull that passed away right before they got married.
The elephant: my paternal grandmother that loved elephants.
Woodworking: my paternal grandfather was well known for working with and creating things out of wood.
Fishing: my maternal grandfather loved to fish.
Piano: my uncle was an amazing musician and loved to play the piano. He passed away from AIDS 22 years ago.
Cooking: my brother-in-law's grandmother loved  to cook Italian food.
Farina cereal with peanut butter: my sister told me that my brother-in-law's grandfather loved to eat this.

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